Thursday, September 30, 2010

Author Highlight: Brandon Sanderson

I have recommended Brandon Sanderson's books more often in the past year than any other author's books. He is an amazing author of fantasy books. He has the ability to create unique magic systems and worlds with every series/book he writes. His first published book, Elantris, is a stand alone novel, which is great for a quick preview of his style and ideas. Warbreaker is another stand alone of his, and it was a great quick read as well.

When I read the Mistborn Trilogy I was subtly reminded of the game Magic: The Gathering, and was delighted to learn later that Brandon Sanderson had indeed drawn some of his inspiration from that game. The magic system reflects that inspiration, but the plot line is original and exciting.

Each new book of his that I read, I am excited to see the new and interesting way Brandon plays with magic systems. His characters seem real, and his story lines run smooth.

Most of Brandon's books are written for adults, but he also has a great series for middle readers. Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians, the first of his youth series, is a hilarious story of a young boy with a special talent for breaking things.

Brandon Sanderson has a new book, which I just finished reading. It is called The Way of Kings, and is the first in a new series. I plan to review that book more in depth soon.

For a great read, check out anything by Brandon Sanderson. To learn more about this amazing author and his current projects, visit his website at

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