Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Author Highlight: Suzanne Collins

Yesterday I finished the third book in the The Hunger Games Trilogy. I haven't read anything else by Suzanne Collins, but I enjoyed these books immensely. These books are so well-written I want to read everything by Collins.

The trilogy is written for young adults, but adults will enjoy this thought-provoking read as well. Each year in the Panem, the Hunger Games pit children against one another in a fight to the death. In this post-apocalyptic society, those in the Capitol live in luxury while the 12 Districts live in poverty. This story is one of courage and self-discovery. All three books in the trilogy are gripping and move the story along.

I could not put these books down. I highly recommend them. Set aside some time, and get these books.


  1. Wow. I just read The Hunger Games yesterday and I somehow didn't know it was part of a trilogy. Your timing on this post is perfect. I'd better be off to check how long the library wait list is for book 2...

  2. Glad to help! I hope the wait list isn't too long.