Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Weight of Silence

Heather Gudenkauf is another new author with an amazing first novel. This book reminded me of Jodi Picoult's work because she deals with high stress situations and relationships that feel real. As each character's unique viewpoint is told, you truly see the world from that character's perspective. In this gripping book, two young best friends go missing at the same time. As the families of the two girls search for them, the reader gets to know some of the hidden world of each family.

If you enjoy Jodi Picoult, you will enjoy this book. It is an insightful look into what happens in a family when a child disappears. It also deals with issues of spousal abuse and parenthood. What makes a good parent? This is one of the questions this book asks.

I highly recommend The Weight of Silence, and look forward to any more books Heather Gudenkauf might write.

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