Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Surprising Library Resources

Most people do not use the library fully. They may not be aware of all the great resources available at the local library. Here are some of the resources available for checkout at my library:

-books, books, and more books
-music cds
-books on cd and tape
-sheet music
-playaway books, which is basically a special mp3 player loaded with just one book
-Games for Wii, playstation, and other game consoles
-movies on vcr and dvd
-tv series on dvd
-kidpacks, filled with fun things on a topic (the music one has a video, musical instruments, and books on music)

Resources at my library, not for checkout:

-internet access
-Interlibrary loan, get any book you want from the extended library system
-literacy classes
-Free presentations about community topics
-bulletin board with community information
-children's programs
-teen programs
-family game night with movie
-various animals to see in the children's area
-read to a therapy dog
-interesting displays that rotate regularly

What is the best resource you have found at your library?

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