Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Agent to the Stars

John Scalzi is the author of this humorous science fiction. It is a book about aliens who are concerned that humans will not accept them, so they get an agent to represent them. They don't look like humans, they have seen enough of our TV to know we fear those unlike ourselves, and they smell. They smell bad. Oh, and their native language is related through scents they emit.
Oddly enough, Scalzi seems to think all assistants' names begin with the letter M. I don't know exactly why I got hung up on this little tidbit, but I found it interesting. (Perhaps he just has an affinity for writing M names, I don't really know.) The only assistant without an M name is unnamed. Weird. And don't get me started on what it says about me personally that this was one of my major takeaways from the book.
Other than that side issue, I thought this book was slyly funny. There would be moments that needed appropriate delivery to come off as truly funny. Good thing the audio voice in my head has excellent comedic timing. If you enjoy humor that accompanies a straight face and a twinkling eye, this book is for you.
Although I am a fan of science fiction, I believe that even those who are not typically drawn to sci-fi will find this book accessible. It has a nice mix of story, personal drama, and tongue in cheek.

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