Monday, May 24, 2010

The Harry Potter Dream

After the 4th Harry Potter book came out, I began having an odd dream. In my dream, I had died. After dying, I was very upset that I did not know how the Harry Potter series ended. I was basically obsessed and angry. There was no resolution, just frustration. I would wake up from this dream quite disturbed. And the dream kept coming back. It would pop up every six months or so. At first, I was unhappy about the dream, but after a while I found myself welcoming it back. I decided that if missing the end of Harry Potter was the only thing really troubling me in my imagined afterlife, I must have my life in good order. The dream was like that stray cat that decides to adopt you. It isn't pretty, but you feel a tug of companionship. I am happy to say that since the final Harry Potter book, I haven't had the dream again.

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