Friday, May 28, 2010

Bookworm Mom

I love to see my children enjoying reading. There is a tiny thrill that I get every time I see them engrossed in a book. A few days ago, one of my children was reading a book. She apparently also wanted a drink of water at the same time. Instead of putting down the book to get the water, she kept reading as she walked into the kitchen and got a cup and water. I watched her as she brought her book up to eye level as she sipped her water. She didn't want to stop reading for even one second. I don't think that I can describe the joy that this little incident brought me. Because I feel that way about books as well.

I love getting to reread old favorites and discover new ones as my children grow and we read together. From that lovable pig, Olivia, to the wonders of Middle Earth, I get to experience them with my children as they read. I find it delightful.

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