Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Author Highlight: Jodi Picoult

Last summer I read My Sister's Keeper at my mother-in-law's house. She had been planning to read it and thought that I might like to also. I finished it up the same day and was quite impressed. I decided to read more from this amazing author. Here are the titles that I have read so far:
Change of Heart
Handle with care
Harvesting the Heart
House Rules
Keeping Faith
Nineteen Minutes
Perfect Match
Plain Truth
Salem Falls
The Pact
The Tenth Circle

I would like to note that I didn't finish two of Jodi Picoult's books that I started. I just didn't feel drawn to the topics and wasn't delving into them like the other books she has written. I know they are a good fit for someone, and that might just be me sometime in the future.

Why do I enjoy Jodi Picoult's writing? Her characters have real depth and the situations they encounter are intriguing. The people in her books seem real because they are complex, and their actions have multiple motivations. The books usually have an interesting twist. Many of her books attempt to answer the question of why people get themselves into complicated situations. For instance, The Pact is a tale about a teenager who survives a double suicide and is charged for murder, while Nineteen Minutes is a story of a school shooting. As in real life, untangling the motivation for specific behaviors can become quite consuming. Those who know me won't be shocked that this kind of book drew me in and made me a fan.

Who would enjoy Picoult's books? I would definitely recommend them to my counseling friends. Specific titles may compelling because of the topic they cover. For instance, any one with a child who has Autism or Asperger's would probably find House rules a fascinating read. To anyone wanting to try her writing: be ready for intense topics and delving into the inner minds of those you may not normally feel sympathetic towards.

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