Thursday, July 1, 2010

A New Record: The Help

I have been hearing a lot about a book called The Help. You have probably seen it or heard of it. I decided to put it on hold at the library. I am now the 366th person waiting for this book. This is a new record high for me.

After I saw what number I was on the waiting list, I checked the number of copies in the library system--61. Most of the libraries in the system have a four week checkout, so I decided in a purely arbitrary decision to guess that a typical person will keep the book for three and a half weeks. So, if all goes well, I will have this book in my hands in approximately 21 weeks. That is almost six months!

Maybe someone I know has a copy that they would be willing to loan me?

Its true. I could purchase this book. But if I purchased every book I read, we wouldn't be able to pay the bills.

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