Monday, January 10, 2011

The Fourth Turning

Occasionally, I will read a book that changes how I see everything. This was the case with this book by Strauss and Howe. It is about the circular nature of history. This book was originally published in 1997, and many of the things the authors projected have happened. The authors outline different generational patterns, and how these generations have historically created specific types of events. History repeats itself. Most people give this phrase only lip service, but Strauss and Howe outline specific events through history that follow the generational pattern. Why does this matter? Because if history repeats itself we can know what to prepare for and some of the things we can expect.

If you are ready for a larger perspective of history and the times we are living in today, read The Fourth Turning. Be ready to dig deep and learn a lot. This book is worth it.

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