Monday, January 31, 2011

Library Vandalism Redux

Remember a few months ago when I posted about someone vandalizing our local library with condiments? The case is back in the news. The woman arrested back in October recently plead guilty to dumping maple syrup, corn syrup, ketchup, and mayonnaise into the book drop. The official charge she plead to is misdemeanor malicious injury to property. The brief article stated that the vandalism was her retaliation for being banned from the library in 2007.

I think dumping condiments into the book drop is a very sad thing. It probably resulted in several thousand dollars worth of damage. I also know that the book drops she targeted have extra padding, which I imagine was a huge pain to clean. The library staff may have been inconvenienced but it is tax dollars that pay for the library. Any books or cds that have been replaced plus any other costs come out of the public library fund. Those funds won't be available to buy new books or cds because they were spent on replacements. So, the general public is the unwitting victim of the vandalism this woman committed. It just saddens me.

I am wondering how, exactly, a person gets kicked out of the library. Anyone who can fill me in on the possible reasons, I would love to hear them.

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