Friday, February 18, 2011

Her Fearful Symmetry

Would being a twin be like being half of a person? Could you find love, experience joy on your own, or sleep alone? Her Fearful Symmetry uncovers the dark side of being a twin, something that few books delve into. Julia and Valentina are identical twins. Their aunt passes away and leaves her entire estate to them, on the condition that they live for one year in her flat in London. Part of the will stipulates that their mother, who is the aunt's twin, and their father are not allowed in the flat.

Things are strange for the twins from the beginning, because their mother has rarely spoken of their aunt. They are curious about the reasons behind the estrangement. After they arrive in London Valentina begins to feel that their aunt's ghost is in the flat. The story just becomes more compelling as it continues.

This is an interesting, disturbing book. Its final chapters are still rattling around in my brain days after finishing it. It is the kind of book that is great for book discussions with a friend or book club, because of the controversial decisions people make in the book. I recommend this book to clubs, as well as to people who enjoy stories with a twist.

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