Monday, February 7, 2011

Pancakes and Reading

Do you like pancakes? I do. We have sourdough pancakes quite a bit at our house. I like to try out different toppings. Some days I will have syrup and other days jam, powdered sugar, fruit, or just plain butter. Most of the time everything is good. On occasion, I will bite down into a pancake to discover that the batter wasn't mixed quite thoroughly enough. Instead of a lovely cooked batter, I have eaten a mouthful of flour. Yuck!

I love reading and books. If I have down time, I typically read. But not every book is a good fit for me. In fact I recently read this one book...well, lets just say that I was ready to kick the author in the shin by the time I finished it. True, I could have just put down the book, but the author had managed to create characters that were both annoying and intriguing. This particular author has written many other books that I have enjoyed, so I continued on with reading. When I got to the end of the awful book, the ending was so disturbing that I cried. The book was just like that mouthful of flour.

If you eat enough pancakes you will taste a mouthful of flour. Its the same with reading. Not every book will be a perfect pancake, but it shouldn't stop you from trying again.


  1. Well now I need to know what is the name of the book?

  2. The book was Lost Boys by Orson Scott Card. I just want to be clear that I have enjoyed many of his other books. This one was just not a good fit for me.