Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Author Highlight: Patrick Rothfuss

Dear Patrick Rothfuss,

I love your work. You make me laugh, you make me cry, and your words are beautiful. You know how to craft a book that is truly a work of art. When I finished your book last night, I was bereft. What else could I possibly read that was going to live up to your book? (I chose something I've read before, with an interesting story but disappointing writing. I figured that would be safe.)

So, I am singing your praises and recommending your books to everyone, but I am also quite frustrated. I just don't know how to wait for years to read your next book. It is agonizing. It's good to build up anticipation for a book, but I think you are taking it to the extreme.

That's right, this is a love-hate letter. Because I love your writing, but I hate it that you are leaving me hanging for an indeterminate length of time. Again.

Wishing you speedy writing,
Melissa R. Wolfe

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  1. No thanks to your husband for letting me borrow The Name of the Wind. I read it, loved it and immediately bought The Wise Man's Fear when it came out and now am stuck craving the next one. From now on when he recommends a book I'm going to ask if the series is complete first.