Monday, March 14, 2011

Library Fines

Right now I have fines at the library. This is going to be true pretty much no matter when you read this post, because I always have fines at the library. I have an imperfect system of going to the library. I don't go at a regular time, and so I tend to always have one or two books due. Combine my irregular trips with an array of due dates (one week for video games, two for new releases, four weeks for most books), and I end up with tardy returns.

Our branch allows up to $10 of unpaid fines on your card before you can no longer check out books. I love this policy, but I also vaguely feel that it fosters bad habits. I am aware that the book is due back, because I got an email saying it was due soon. Sometimes I try to renew online, but not every item can be renewed. Have I mentioned how fun it is to take four kids to the library? So, I might not make it to the library before that book is due, which results in a fine. But I don't stress out about it too much, because after all I can still check out books.

I'm curious to know whether others have perpetual library fines as well? Or perhaps someone has a great system for making sure their books are always turned in on time?

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  1. Maybe they should adopt a Netflix-like policy. I very low monthly fee with no late fees.