Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Reading

Do you have a favorite book to read at Christmas time? Many people read A Christmas Carol yearly. The Christmas box is another common one. Many families have a tradition of reading the Christmas story from the Bible during the season.

The other day we began to read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. My oldest daughter picked it out and we read the first couple of chapters in the car. Even my younger daughters are enjoying the story, although I am bit concerned that they may see the Herdman kids as inspiration. The story centers around the Herdman family. They are the meanest kids in town, and they end up with all the lead parts in the church Christmas pageant. The story is entertaining, and uplifting. It is also a quick read, making it great for families with limited time around the holidays.

Reading a specific book every year can be a great tradition, and can help us enjoy the holidays.

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