Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why join a book group?

People can have many different reasons for joining a book group. One of the book groups I was in for a few months was composed primarily of people that apparently joined it to motivate them to read one book in a month. They wanted to read fast, light reads. This didn't mesh well with my own reasons to join the group, since I was looking for more challenge. However, motivation to read is part of the book club experience. When you have a date that you are planning to discuss a book, it can help you continue reading a tough book.

Exposure to new genres and books is another reason to join a book group. Through book groups, I have read books I would have never picked up on my own. Sometimes I have found new favorites, and sometimes I have just stretched my experience. Which isn't a bad thing at all.

The discussions in a book group can help broaden your perspective and understanding of a specific book. There have been times that I have gone to a book group with a certain perspective on a book, and come away with a completely new perspective. What touches one person may not be what touches another. Meeting together to share thoughts and insights enriches us all.

I have met some amazing people through book groups. When you get to know each other by talking about the things you are learning about, you get to know each other in a unique way. Friendships can grow in a book group.

If you aren't skilled at agreeing to disagree, a book group is a good opportunity to practice. It builds speaking and discussion skills, if you participate. Book groups make you a better listener as well.

A book group can enrich your life in many different ways. Consider trying one out soon!

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