Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Year with Emily Dickinson

Poetry is such a different form of writing from prose, and there are often things that seem to be expressed more easily in poetry. Poetry does seem to take more effort on the part of the reader, and it often requires the reader to slow down enough to really take in the words.

Throughout 2010 I have read Emily Dickinson's poetry. My goal was to read at least 10 poems a month, as well as learn some things about her life. Most months I read many more than the 10 poems, and I have now finished reading my book of her poetry. It is titled The Collected Works of Emily Dickinson and in the front and back of the book it has essays about her poetry, a brief life sketch, and information about some of the other works that have been inspired by Emily Dickinson's work. For instance, Martha Graham choreographed a dance piece using one of Dickinson's poems as inspiration.

I have been inspired by some of Emily Dickinson's poetry, and I have enjoyed coming back to it each month. I think that next year I will do the same things with another poet or book of poetry, but I have not decided which one yet.

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