Monday, November 15, 2010

An Experiment in Reading: The Quick and the Dead

A while ago I read Education of a Wandering Man by Louis L'amour, and realized that I had never actually read any of his fiction books. So, it went on my mental to-do list, and languished there for a few months. However, that has now been remedied. I read The Quick and the Dead.

It was an interesting experiment, considering it brings my Western novel consumption to a grand total of two books. I found the book to be a good, quick read. It had lots of action and was about what I expect from a Western: lone gunmen, groups of unruly men, semi-helpless women, etc. But it just isn't really my thing. There wasn't enough of what I love: character development, compelling relationships, and unique plot.

I read this book as a way to broaden my reading range. I have great respect for Louis L'amour because of Education of a Wandering Man. However, I think I just don't really enjoy Westerns. I might be interesting in reading one that has more of the things I enjoy in books. Any suggestions are welcome.

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