Friday, November 12, 2010

National Novel Writing Month Update Week 2

I can't do it. I am not keeping up with the requisite word count. I want to, and I have ideas. Lots and lots of them.

It is the time commitment. I am still writing, still plunging forward with this experiment. However, I am not writing the full number of required words. Forget getting ahead. I can't even keep up.

This isn't the same as term papers written, invariably, in the hours before a class. The words do not just flow out easily, as they did for most school work. I am drowning in a sea of words.

Also, one of the major downfalls of NaNoWriMo is apparent--there is no time for research. This is pretty unfortunate for me, because some of my plot revolves around a medical condition. The rich details that I would love to add are missing because I simply haven't the time to do the research necessary to add them.

So here is my revised goal: Continue, with high hopes. Also with the recognition that I may not make the full 50,000 words. But I will have a lot more words written at the end of the month than I would have if not for this experiment.

P.S. I plan to do research when the month is over so that I can add the needed details.

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